Jewellery Care & Warranty


We want your piece to last so here’s what we recommended: 

  • Precious metals are h20 sensitive so it is best to avoid water when wearing your piece because it will cause the sterling silver or the gold plated jewellery oxidise and fade in colour. 
  • It is recommended not to wear jewellery pieces when swimming, showering, washing your hands or exercising /working out to keep pieces from discolouration and losing its shine.
  • Never allow jewellery to come in contact with household cleaners or chlorine as it may contain harmful chemicals that can tarnish your precious jewellery.
  • Allow perfume, lotions, oils and creams to be absorbed into the skin before putting your jewellery on. Contact with the chemicals present in perfume, fake tan, hairspray and makeup may cause damage and diminish longevity. 
  • After use, clean your jewellery gently polish jewellery with a soft dry cloth to remove oils or dust and restore their shine. 
  • Avoid hard contact e.g. knocking jewellery into objects can chip or scratch the piece.
  • When your jewellery is not in use store away your piece in your Amoré Jewels pouch and keepsake packaging box provided. 
    • Always remember: Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off!
      Please use the recommendations above to ensure your precious metals and stone brilliance are in the best possible condition and preserved over an extended period of time.


      Here at Amorè Jewels each one of our pieces is quality controlled and checked before it is sent out. We aim to give our customers the highest satisfaction, we stand behind our jewellery but we also stand behind our customers.

      We offer a 30 days warranty on all items with proof of purchase. Our warranty covers faulty items but it does not cover wear and tear. Please provide us: order number as the subject, brief description of the issue and photos of the issue.


      Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Please if you have any further question, contact us directly at to further discuss.